Product Care & Use

Caring for your furniture

We want to make sure your Fleur Studios furniture lasts as long as it can and always looks its best. Each piece is designed with longevity in mind but it is important to care for it properly. Please read through and follow the care instructions below.
Our tiles and grout are robust materials so minimal care is required but we do recommend you follow the below steps:
  • Regularly wipe tiles and grout clean with a damp or light soapy sponge.
  • Remove any spills/stains by wet sponge immediately. Lighter colours grouts are especially susceptible to staining if the spill is left on the surface for a long period of time. We recommend using a drink coaster where possible to prevent staining. 

    We seal the grout with a water-based sealer to help prevent staining and to also make the grout surface easier to clean. 

    Use of furniture

    We design and make every piece of Fleur Studios furniture. Sourcing inspiration from around the world, each piece is designed and made for interior use. Following traditional tiling methods, every piece is made from strong, durable and versatile materials that are made to last.

    Many people ask if it can be used outside. Our furniture is designed for indoor use only. We want every piece to last and as there are many variables with outdoor weather, we do not recommend its use outside.

    Variations in product 

    As each peice is made by hand, there will be slight variations in the lines of grout. This is a natural result of tiling and is a feature of the product.