A collection inspired by nature

Introducing the Pebble collection.

The warmth of Oak timber with the luxury of marble, Pebble is contemporary, relaxed and elegant; embracing natural elements and mixed materiality.

Taking cues from nature, Pebble is a combination of organic forms, grounding materials and two relaxed choices of marble.

Bringing an element of the Coast into your home with the Spanish Crema, or the more rich and earthy Rosso Francia marble. We have taken inspiration from the Australian coastline to create something that welcomes a feeling of serenity into your space.

Design & Colour Notes

Pebble embodies contemporary, relaxed style.

The sculptural marble features organic rounded edges with a beautiful honed finish, balanced by dramatic Oak timber legs adding strength and refinement.

Created for longevity, its available in Spanish Crema or French Rosso Francia marble.

Spanish Crema

A classic, relaxed marble in a neutral creamy, beige tone that is sure to compliment any room. With a slight texture, the subtle veins of cinnamon and white add depth and character.

Rosso Francia

A luxurious marble known and admired for it's deep terracotta tones. The natural earthy colour has a richness that bring a space to life. Mixed in with swirling patterns of pale grey and white that add lightness.

“We wanted to create pieces that combined the warmth of timber with the luxury of marble. Pairing these materials with organic yet strong silhouettes, the designs are inviting and understated but also sophisticated and timeless.”

Philippa, Co-founder & Designer

Beautiful styled alone, even better as a pair

When together, the Pebble coffee table and side table nest effortlessly to create flexibility in how the pieces can be used.

Pebble brings an optimistic spirit and natural warmth to your home, and is the essenece of relaxed living.