The Plinth

A refined, minimal design of timeless luxury

Plinth Small Calacatta Viola - Fleur Studios
Plinth Coffee Table Cream Travertine - Fleur Studios

The plinth is a design we all know and love. With a classic shape, it celebrates the beauty of marble as it brings the wonders of nature indoors. Effortlessly transforming a space, it's this mix of minimal design and beautiful materiality that oozes luxury and makes a staple piece.

Plinth Calacatta Viola Pair - Fleur Studios
Plinth Coffee Table Calacatta Viola - Fleur Studios
Plinth Calacatta Viola Pair - Fleur Studios

Our collection includes three styles - the Plinth Side Table, the Plinth Coffee Table and our newest addition, the large Plinth Coffee Table.

Made for small and large homes alike, the designs instantly transform an interior with a refined touch of luxury.

One of the most important elements of this design is the materiality, which is why we hand select every marble slab we work with to ensure every piece has a beautiful balance of marble characteristics. After all, these pieces tend to be the centrepiece of your home and we understand the importance of what the marble looks like.

Design & marble notes

Deciding against a solid marble design that would weigh 100kg, and require extreme delicate care, our designs are made with natural marble slab which is strengthened by an internal aluminium frame. The aluminium frame adds strength and cost to the design but ensures the design will last decades, where others may crack or chip a lot sooner.

Marble is a natural material with unique patterns and veining throughout. You will notice the natural flow of grain and veins ‘book-matched’ over edges, which is an important detail that many other producers often miss, we will not.

As styled by you

"The minimalist design of the Plinth side tables is a testament to the power of simplicity in aesthetics. Embracing clean lines and a harmonious blend of form and function, these tables redefine modern elegance." 

- Philippa, Co Founder

Plinth Tall Cream Travertine - Fleur Studios

At the heart of the minimalist approach is using only what is essential. The Plinth embodies this ethos by featuring a clean and unembellished structure. The absence of ornate details highlights the beauty of raw materials and craftsmanship, ensuring each table becomes a timeless piece.

Images from Three Birds Renovations recent project