The stones from our newest marble collection

Learn more about the snow capped mountains in Italy & how we choose our stone.

The stones from our newest marble collection

Visiting the home of Carrara Marble

Italy is home to the worlds most renowned marble rich regions, including the province of Massa and Carrara which is in the northernmost tip of Tuscany. Many people have travelled and admired what they thought were snow-capped mountains in the distance only to later realise they are the Carrara Marble quarries.
We were lucky enough to be there recently sourcing a range of natural stones for our newest furniture collection. We were looking for not just slabs but blocks of stone for pieces like our Cylinder Series and many of our Objects, including the soon to come Bagel Bowl, which are either CNC machine cut and hand polished or core drilled from solid block.
Carrara Mountains Italy
Whilst there, we were able to source some of the amazing Italian marbles such as Arabescato Corchia, Carrara Bianco and Calcutta Viola but this only makes up about 15% of our natural stone collection. In fact, there are thousands of different natural stones from around the globe to choose from.

For this new collection it was important that we curated stones that were timeless in both colour, texture and quality.

We want to be transparent with you about the products we have designed including the stone origins, where they are made and what our ethics are whilst in production so we’ve shared a bit about this below.


Listed alphabetically, below is a list of our stones and the origins; 

Arabescato Corchia: Northern Tuscany, Italy

Carrara Bianco: Northern Tuscany, Italy

Calcutta Viola: Northern Tuscany, Italy

Light Cream Travertine: Turkey, also parts of Italy

Dark Emperador: Murcia, Spain

Green Onyx: India

Green Onyx ranges in colour from cloudy sage to vibrant green, most often with large brown veins throughout.

Persian Pink Onyx: Afghanistan and Iran

Pink onyx is the most expensive of all Onyx, costing around twice that of green onyx.

Nero Marquina: Spain & China

The Spanish Nero Marquina has larger white Veins than the Chinese stone which has fewer white veins.

Rosa Levanto: Spain, Turkey and Italy

Van Gogh Marble: Brazil

Verde Tinos: India

White Onyx: Iran

This is often known as Champagne Onyx.


The majority of our products are produced or finished in China, Italy and Australia where we are able to find the best manufacturers in skill, quality, process, ethics and affordability.

If we only cared about price, we would seek alternative East Asian countries where we cannot ensure ethics such as the modern day slavery act, child labour and product quality. Our makers have strict standards in fair work, workplace health & safety and meticulous production methods. 


Quirky facts about marble

Whilst in Italy, we learned some interesting facts about quarrying stone. Firstly, every single part of marble is used, from small stones to the fine dust that’s produced whilst cutting the blocks.

If a slab cracks into smaller pieces or blocks, it’s used for smaller slabs or often made into items such as decorative objects.

The small stones that break off are used in Terrazzo products. This is actually why you see so much terrazzo around Italy, it was a way to repurpose disregarded materials and was very economical.

And finally, unlike man-made stones that have toxic characteristics, marble dust is an ultra-fine abrasive that is very high in calcium. It’s actually often used in toothpaste and other hygiene products where an ultra-fine abrasive is required or yoghurt or milk where additional calcium is needed.

This is getting pretty geeky but we thought it was fascinating stuff.