Our guide to marble

Marble's beauty lies in its uniqueness. Being a natural material, each cut from the same block will vary in its characteristics. As the stone isn’t something that is manufactured, the appearance and patterns are impossible to replicate so no two pieces are ever identical.

One of our most popular marbles Calacatta Viola is known for it's striking veining and moody tone, while Rosso Francia welcomes a more warming feeling. Whether it be in your home, or someplace else, the natural beauty of marble adds personality and depth to any room.

Another favourite of ours is White Onyx, a creamy white stone found in Iran with a subtle shimmer, to the classic Travertine sourced from Turkey with versatile light cream tones.

As a naturally occurring material, marble contains fissures and blemishes which are small openings that form as the rock metamorphises. It's these qualities that we love and make it such a beautiful material to have in our homes.


Our range of marbles

Our stones

Calacatta Viola is one of the most sought after marbles, with an ivory base and purple chainlink patterns. The colours in this marble are neutral and bold, pairing with a variety of colour schemes whilst elevating the space.

Another classic, Travertine is a textured, terrestrial limestone in versatile light cream tones. It features small pinholes that add texture. Sourced from Italy, its known for its understated characteristics and is a staple in homes across the world.

Another classic, with a mostly chocolate base that features neutral caramel veins, as well as occasional white specs throughout, this has been a beautiful marble in all applications for the last decade proving its perpetuity

Grand Antique marble is sourced only in France with striking patterns of black and white. Balancing light and dark, the monochromatic marble effortlessly elevates spaces with its chic cool aesthetic.

Rich burgundy marble with chunks and fine white lines, this stone is moody yet elegant. Deep burgundy marble with striking white veining, it's luxurious and bold. Proving to be surprisingly versatile it pairs beautifully with natural materials.

A luxurious marble known and admired for its deep terracotta tones. The natural earthy colour has a richness to it that brings a space to life. Mixed in with swirling patterns of pale grey and white that add lightness.

A dark moody green marble with strong, sometimes even fibrous looking white veins, creating a premium look at an affordable price.

Scarcely available through quarries in Iran and ranging from light cloudy to brighter pinks, we tend to source the softer of the pink tones available with a beautiful cloudy pattern that must be seen to be appreciated.

Featuring creamy white tones in cloud like shapes with a subtle shimmer, we love this stone for its classic neutral tones and beautiful shimmer that naturally brightens a space. Also known as Champagne Onyx, it's minimal, chic and versatile.

Sourced from India, Green Onyx features striking patterns of brown and green unique to this stone. It's a statement onyx in earthy natural colours that simply always work.

A stone of incredible beauty, Caramel Onyx is sourced from Turkey. With a subtle shimmer unique to onyx, it has cloud-like patterns of honey, caramel and tan - versatile earthy colours perfect for interiors.

A classic, relaxed marble in a neutral creamy, beige tone that is sure to compliment any room. With a slight texture, the subtle veins of cinnamon and white add depth and character.

A rich black stone with fine white veins, this is a versatile staple. It's an affordable option with less drama than the Grand Antique Black.

A versatile and refined, mostly white marble with much calmer grey veins, sourced from one of the most renowned marble regions.

Sourced from Northern Tuscany, Arabescato Corchia is a true classic. With consistent, dramatic grey veins running in a chain like pattern through stark white chunks, it has a luxurious finish. A coveted stone, there's no place it doesn't look good.


When sourcing natural stones for our pieces, we have a very specific set of criteria with only the finest grade of each stone selected. We have sourced it from quarries around the world and choose each stone based on its own unique characteristics.

The origin of our stones extend from India and Iran to France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Oftentimes, marble quarries are family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations and permission to exchange is difficult to have granted.

Fabrication starts with Water jet-cutting, CNC Machining or Core-drilling large blocks and is then finished by hand with each piece hand polished to showcase the unique traits of the marble.

Rectangle Marble Console Table | Fleur Studios

Styling our pieces

The charm of marble is in each pieces unique individuality and ability to elevate a space without needing anything. Left bare, our pieces shine through no matter how big or small. Whether it be a statement coffee table or a subtle decor piece, marble is everything you’re looking for when it is dressed up or dressed down. 

Let it shine 

Marble is a feature. Its unique characteristics and bold palettes can be used as a beautiful statement piece in your space. Take advantage of the rich tones and varieties of veining to be bold. 

Dress it up 

Our pieces are perfect when styled with simple elements, especially in smaller spaces like apartments. The key to styling marble is that less is more. Opt for a minimalist vase with an arrangement, or keep it simple with some books.

Mixed Materiality

Combining materials and layering textures creates a warmth and grounded feeling. Try balancing marble's luxuriousness with the earthiness of a wood like Oak or Walnut, or pair with a leather chair. In our Pebble collection we combined Oak with Marble to achieve this feeling of balance.

Marble Care

When cared for correctly, marble furniture can be an heirloom that lasts decades. Wear and tear is an inevitable quality of most materials, but there are ways to slow this process with your marble. 

As marble is a porous material, we recommend avoiding getting the pieces excessively wet and always clean spills immediately with a clean cloth, and always use drink coasters. Placing protective pads under vases and other decorative items will help avoiding the marble becoming scratched.

When cleaning, avoid using harsh cleaning products and opt for a cleanser that is free of acidic detergents and bleach, and abrasive properties. We’ve done the dirty work and found the perfect products for the best care.