The timeless elegance of Cream Travertine

Choosing the right colour of travertine is essential. We are very selective always ensuring it is a neutral cream with sandy beige tones - not too yellow and not too taupe. Unlike some other brands that feature dark dirty hues, our Travertine maintains a classic creamy aesthetic - one of sophistication and warmth.

Sourced directly from Italian quarries, our Travertine offers a timeless aesthetic that sets it apart from the rest.

Cookie Abstract Cream Travertine - Fleur Studios
Franca Cream Travertine - Fleur Studios

Our Travertine exudes sophistication and warmth. Unlike some other brands that feature dirty brown hues, our Travertine maintains a classic creamy aesthetic.

The consistency of colour across our collection ensures a cohesive look and eliminates the risk of mismatched Travertine pieces.

We are very selective of the slabs we choose to use and take pride in hand-selecting every block we work with. Our strict criteria ensures each piece is consistent across the whole Travertine collection.

The natural flow of grain and veins 'book-matched' over edges is a detail we prioritise, setting our collection apart from others.

Versatility in Design

Cream Travertine's neutral tones make it a perfect canvas for various design styles. Effortlessly complimenting a wide range of colour schemes and design elements, its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for interiors.

Franca Cream Travertine Pair - Fleur Studios
Abstract Bench Cream Travertine - Fleur Studios
Bombola Round Cream Travertine - Fleur Studios

Durability and Longevity

When cared for correctly, marble furniture can be an heirloom that lasts decades. Wear and tear is an inevitable quality of most materials, but there are ways to slow this process with your piece. 

You can read more on how we recommend looking after your pieces here.