Spotlight: TIMBER

A look into our latest collection

We never do anything lightly and after a year of design and development, we’re so excited to introduce our timber collection. 

Designed for easy living with no detail left spared. Silhouettes of spirit and elegance, made to highlight the inherent beauty of American Walnut & Oak.

Timber has long been a material we've loved with its timeless beauty, a beauty that's refined but not overly precious. Harnessing these details, the collection embodies a feeling of relaxed sophistication.

Every detail was chosen with the intent of showcasing the material. 

Made with solid timber, the pieces feature soft curves, sculptural silhouettes and exposed legs to highlight the timber end grain.


Renowned for its status as a premium hardwood timber, our sustainably grown American Walnut is a deep lustrous colour with smooth rounded patterns. 

Most loved for its cool aesthetic, it’s a striking timber with timeless beauty. 


A timber found in homes across the world, American Oak has long been a favoured classic. This sustainably grown hardwood features fine grain characteristics in a natural blonde, honey colour. 

It's the epitome of relaxed luxury with an understated aesthetic loved for its versatility. 


Working with solid timber meant we were able to achieve the sculptural curved shapes, something that’s not possible when working with timber veneer. 

Every design features softly curved edges with a natural flow of timber grain adding interest and character. It’s these details that brings each piece to life. 

We always design with longevity in mind, both in design and quality. 

Timber will slowly age with time and the beauty of solid timber is the ability to refresh it by sanding back, giving it a new life.