Introducing the

Cookie Abstract Coffee Table

Introducing the Cookie Abstract.

Exemplifying contemporary design through simplicity and form.

Taking inspirations from our original Cookie side table design, the Cookie Abstract coffee table is an extension of what has been such a well loved design. By mimicking the Cookie's characteristics, we've created something classic yet still unique; relaxed while remaining elevated.

The design's expansiveness ensures the beauty of the marble is celebrated.

Engineered for strength, it’s solid design and craftsmanship make it sure to last a lifetime.

Playing with form, the design balances bold, considered proportions with a lightness. The elevation off the ground makes the design suitable to large and small spaces.

“When designing this piece we wanted to combine old & new, luxury & casual, masculine & feminine. Coffee tables are a place of relaxation and shared experience so to be part of someone's home, & in those moments, is a pleasure.”

Wesley, Co-founder & Designer

We have been working on this design for almost a year, perfecting it to embody elegance, boldness and refinement.

Balancing strong impactful proportions yet appearing understated and effortless.

A table to stay with you forever.

We hope you love it as much as we do.