Ruse Ivory Terrazzo Basin

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  • Ruse Ivory Terrazzo Basin
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  • Ruse Oyster Terrazzo Basin

The Ruse is a one-of-a-kind terrazzo basin featuring repurposed marbles and stones from around the world. Embracing contemporary style,the stones are mixed with a sophisticated cementitious blend which is finally hand polished to reveal the beautiful terrazzo finish.

The word Terrazzo originates from the 1800's when Italians would repurpose the marble offcuts from each house into a blend which would then be mixed with binders and cement to create the houses Terrace 'Terrazzo'.

Integrally sealed and densified terrazzo. Designed to fit a 32mm standard pop up waste or a universal pop up waste.

These are a limited edition collection so once sold out, they won't be restocked.